IMDA PERK Partner Information

The IMDA PERK Program is a partnership between our trusted Midas Vendors and the International Midas Dealers Association. Some of our PERK Partners offer special benefits and discounted pricing to our members while others simply use this program as a way to promote to and support the Midas franchisees. IMDA consistently promotes these select vendors to the entire Midas system.

Midas System Statistics:

Total Number of Midas Franchisees in North American (US & Canada)  – 456

Of that number approximately 350 are one-shop owners and approximately 420 own 2 shops or less

If you have trouble viewing the tier image you may also CLICK HERE to view multiple tiered partnership opportunities.

**Please note, when CONVENTION is referred to in the tier descriptions, it is ONLY the IMDA Convention. IMDA does not manage the Midas Corp Convention and therefore cannot guarantee a booth or any discounts.**