About IMDA

The International Midas Dealers Association (IMDA) is an association of Midas dealers committed to working together to build success in an honest and ethical manner to protect the integrity of the brand, their own profitability and identify Midas as the clear choice for automotive service with the customer.

The association has roots tracing back to 1970 when it began as the National Muffler Dealers Association by eight Midas dealers. The association continued to grow and evolve over the years to meet the changing needs of the industry, the company and our membership. In 1979, the association changed its name to the National Midas Dealers Association and then again in 1994 to the International Midas Dealers Association when Canadians were invited to join the association.

The IMDA is lead by Midas dealers who volunteer their time and energy advocating for the success and value of the Midas system. With a foundation that encourages the insightful exchange of information, both amongst Midas dealers and between the IMDA and Midas Inc., the IMDA continues to serve as a vital and valuable resource.

While the association is lead by your peers, our strength comes from operating as a cohesive network Midas franchisees. Become a member of the IMDA today and join hundreds of your fellow Midas dealers who believe they are stronger united than they are individually. We welcome the participation and input of all Midas dealers!

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