A leader in advanced payment services and loss prevention tools, Fidelity National offers IMDA members discounted rates of .70% which includes full stop payment coverage for fraud, forgery, stolen and NSF checks for standard paper check acceptance.

Highlights of the Advanced Warranty Program include:

  • No transaction fee or check minimum
  • $25.00 monthly minimum
  • $25.00 set-up fee or installation charge
  • Voice surcharge of $1.25 for customer-initiated calls
  • Easy claim submission, up to 60 days from the date of the check
  • Fast reimbursement, up to 7 business days from receipt by Certegy
  • Flexible authorization limits for U.S. or Canadian checks, up to $30,000 in U.S. funds
  • Multiple ID’s which include DL and MICR
  • Use existing P.O.S. equipment or attractive lease/purchase options are available. 70% discount consolidated returned check service, and .80% discount electric check conversion service – that’s a 20% discount off normal prices.

Settle Smart Program
Settle Smart added to Certegy's Enhanced Warranty Services consolidates returned checks into a Certegy funded bank account resulting in reduced check handling fees, improved cash flow and the elimination of claims processing. Because all returned items are forwarded to a centralized bank managed by Certegy, no additional reconciliation is required after checks are deposited. The IMDA’s members’ only exclusive discount rate is .70% (subject to credit approval).

  • Bank direct settlement
  • Reduced check handling

Elec Check Program
Certegy’s electronic check conversion service streamlines the check approval and settlement process by removing the middleman and opportunities for error. Elec Check authorizes the transaction, transfers funds electronically from the point-of-sale to an Automated Clearing House (ACH) and forwards it to the bank for processing and settlement. The IMDA’s members’ only discount rate of .80% is subject to credit approval.

  • Imaged transaction fee of $.25 for ACH processing
  • Image-less transaction fee of $.15 for ACH processing
  • No returned check fee
  • No reconciliation required
  • Settlement generally in 24 to 48 hours
  • $5,000 purchase limit

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