Mission Statement

The IMDA is an association of Midas dealers committed to working together to build success in an honest and ethical manner to protect the integrity of the brand,
their own profitability and identify Midas as the clear choice for automotive service with the customer.


Thank you for taking time to learn about the International Midas Dealers Association (IMDA) today. On this website, you will find explanation of the benefits of joining IMDA, information regarding IMDA’s PERK Program and Member Toolbox as well as the history of the IMDA and it's importance in the Midas ecosystem.

It is my hope that as a dealer of the Midas Brand, you will join and take full advantage the IMDA. Your membership will connect you with the owners of more than 1100 shops throughout the United States and Canada. Our strong network represents, as a single voice, the best interests of the franchisee to Midas, Inc. Issues surrounding profitability, marketing and  operations, to name a few, are always on the forefront, and we strategically plan how to help our members improve in each of these categories.

These efforts are the direct result of the volunteer leadership and commitment of the members of IMDA. It has been proven that the strength that IMDA represents is a powerful force and is increased with every new member.

In addition to the strength that IMDA represents, membership offers the opportunity to network with fellow dealers. Through meetings, newsletters and fellowship, our members share ideas, concerns and questions that help everyone's business. IMDA is truly a valuable resource.

If you want to have more of a voice in issues that affect your livelihood, become an active member of IMDA today. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Gus Herlong
IMDA President