Pacific Accounting & Business Services, Inc. – PABS – has been providing accounting services to Midas dealers and IMDA members since 2010. Check us out at

If you are spending too much of your time getting vendors paid or keeping the books up to date, if your internal accounting department either costs too much, or if your financial statements are not reliable, take a look at PABS. We offer super-competitive pricing that is usually 60% to 70% the cost of hiring an employee to do the same work – and the results cannot be compared.

As the leader in providing automotive repair accounting, our services package provides:
• Reliable and timely financial reporting
• Returned parts tracking – can save the average shop $$Hundreds each month
• Sold parts tracking
• Thorough purchase and sales reconciliations
• Accurate fleet reconciliations
• Complete accounts payable services including cash flow projections and payment processing
• Coming soon: Pathfinder, a Business Intelligence tool that gives you better visibility to the performance of your operations and the opportunity to compare your shop to other similar shops
And our services are easily scalable to meet your needs as you add on new shops.
IMDA Members receive a free general ledger analysis, onboarding fees are waived, and a ½-off discount for the first two months of services.

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