California Blimps is the #1 manufacturer of helium-filled 100% nylon advertising blimpsadvertising spheres and custom inflatables. We will beat any price. Most other marketing blimp companies, if not all, use PVC (poly vinyl-coated garbage fabric) or ripstop nylon which are produced mostly overseas. We are the manufacturer, and we will save you money. All California Blimps products are proudly made at our own facility in California, and all materials are produced in the U.S.A.

We service and repair all of our products and offer you a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and configurations. We use only the highest quality materials (8oz and 14oz genuine vinyl for our inflatables, and nylon coated industrial fabric for our blimps and spheres), unlike the cheap rip-stop nylon our competitors use.

We also offer complete service and repair for all nylon advertising blimps and marketing blimps. If you purchased a nylon blimp from another company that is no longer around, we will be happy to help. Give us a call and our staff will take care of you.

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